Baby Dedications

          Christian Stronghold believes that children are a gift from God. The Baby Dedication provides you, the 
          parent(s), an opportunity to express your appreciation to God for blessing you with this precious new
          life, and to ask God's guidance in raising your child so that he/she will develop a desire to love and
          serve God and others.
          Baby Dedications are performed on the second Sunday of each month. To schedule a Baby Dedication
          please complete the application form below and submit it at least one week prior to the date you wish 
          the dedication to be performed. Applications submitted after this time will be scheduled for the following
          month. We will contact you to confirm the date and to provide you with additional details in preparation
          for your Baby Dedication. 
          If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Church Office at
 or (214) 320-4800.

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